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Hotel Marketing Agency

Your hotel doesn’t deserve just a digital presencemarketing partnerbooking website

Adigital is your strategic marketing partner who will take on your hotel’s bookings and free your time to run your business settings.

Booking Strategy &

digital marketing solutions

Direct business is the heart of your hotel’s strategy. Win control of your online business with Adigital’s proven direct booking strategy

Google </br>Ads


Access worldwide presence on the key search engine platform.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Increase your reach by targeting travelers on Facebook and Instagram.

Meta Search

Meta Search

Engage with Metasearch to stay competitive. Directly compete with bigger travel companies such as Booking & Expedia.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Every hotel has a story to share. It’s time to make that story shareable. We build relationships with potential guests on social media through engaging content.

Focus on Direct bookings
instead of OTA’s Bookings.

Direct bookings
<10% the cost

of direct bookings for optimised hotels

    • Hotel pays less fee per booking (<10%)
    • Guests become aware of the brand
    • Higher Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)
    • Hotel owns customer
  • Lower cancellation rate
OTA bookings
>18% the cost

for 3rd party OTA's (Other Travel Agencies) bookings

    • Hotel pays higher fee per booking (>18%)
    • Decrease in brand awareness
    • Lower Average Daily Rate (ADR)
    • 3rd Party travel agency owns customer
  • Higher cancellation rate

Branding Services

We will build your brand through creative, industry leading concepts and digital design.

Hotel Websites​

We create tailor-made websites to both travelers' and hoteliers’ needs, whether you are an independent hotel or a hotels chain.

Hotel Brand Strategy

Define and enhance your unique story to appeal to your guests.


Improve your organic search engine rankings and increase search engine traffic to your website. Be where your customers are looking for you, and beat your competitors to the top spots on Google.

Web Analytics

Our custom reporting dashboards provide a clear visual of the key performance indicators essential for understanding your marketing results.

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We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses.

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