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Social Media Advertising

Increase your reach by targeting travelers on Facebook and Instagram.

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Drive the visitors to your website.

Advertising on specific channels allows us to group all the above users, based on their needs, and then target them with appropriate advertising messages. The final goal is to redirect the specific users from the social media they are on at that moment, to the page of your site where they will make their reservation.


Promote events and exclusive offers that increase occupancy and boost revenue.


Show a unique selling point or a special room of the hotel & have high chances of getting picked up by TikTok users.


Run promos, engage with users to understand their reason for travel to increase hotel profits.

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Increase your Conversion Rate

We must be there at every step of the booking journey, from the initial thought to the final booking. Social media advertising allows us to target a niche audience at the right time and redirect travelers to your official website, increasing your overall sales.

Avoid OTAS & maximize your profit

Every day Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) spend thousands of euros on social media advertising for your hotel. The main problem with this, is that the final link where the user is directed, is their own website. This results in a lower profit per booking for you. It's time to break free from the influence OTAs have on your hotel by implementing your own social media strategy!

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