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NLH Monastiraki Performance Marketing

Located at the Heart of Athens, NLH Monastiraki Hotel was a new addition to the NLH Group, but with the same purpose: to make guests really feel they’re at home and Create the absolute “NLH Experience”

- Google Ads
- Social Media Advertising

- Social Media Management
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See what we did

Read through the simple steps we followed, that helped NLH Monastiraki hotel achieve their vision.

The Idea

Being a new and modern hotel, NLH Monastiraki aimed to become the ultimate ‘visitor’s choice’ for every Athens’ guest. Our focus was to double their occupancy rate with the help of online and direct channels. Those services where trusted on the hands of an experienced digital Agency, Adigital Hotel Marketing Agency

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The Methodology

In order to maximize brand awareness and direct bookings, we developed a marketing strategy that was based in keyword research, user’s demographics and competitor analysis. We implemented this strategy through high quality social media posting, targeted ads to protentional guests and remarketing methods, directed to website visitors who were yet to fulfill a booking.

Increased Direct Revenue
Increased Website Traffic
Increased Website Revenue

The Results

In the course of a couple months, we managed to raise website’s traffic by 186%. A combination of effective advertisement and expert level of brand awareness utilization lead to both online and direct revenue having a drastic increase by 437% and 107% respectively.

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Direct Revenue

We managed a drastic increase by 107% in just 6 months

Website Revenue

We managed a drastic increase by 437% in just 6 months

Website Traffic

We raised website traffic by 186% in just 6 months

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