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Mati Resort Performance Marketing

Mati Resort, the seaside haven in Attica that houses the total summer experience. Capture the resort’s philosophy, aiming to gift guests top tier hospitality by the seaside.

- Google Ads
- Social Media Advertising

- Social Media Management
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See what we did

Read through the simple steps we followed, that helped NLH Mati Resort achieved their vision.

The Idea

Brand awareness was one of Mati Seafront's important objectives, since being a fresh introduction into the hospitality sector. The main goal was to triple the number of reservations and especially those of direct and online bookings. Adigital Hotel Marketing Agency, constitutes an expert when it comes to high goals being achieved in the hospitality industry.

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our philosophy

The Methodology

To reach our brand awareness and direct bookings set goals, we used social media posting and advertising to display the seaside beauty and the luxury accommodation provided. Additionally, keyword and demographic examinations, along with thorough analysis of buyer personas and local competitors, were rallied in order to increase the online bookings volume. Finally, we focused on remarketing using social media channels and google display ads.

Increased Direct Revenue
Increased Website Traffic
Increased Website Revenue

The Results

The initial goals were far exceeded, as shown by the statistics. The resort’s direct revenue was increased by 474% due to strategic marketing. Simultaneously, online bookings through website were increased to 638%, all in a couple of months time frame.

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Website Revenue

We managed a drastic increase by 638% in just 6 months

Direct Revenue

We raised website traffic by 474% in just 6 months

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