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My Kerkyra Social Media Marketing

My, the top travel guide for Corfu’s local and foreign visitors.
Their goal, to advertise local enterprises and give prominence to Corfu’s most beautiful spots. 

- Google Ads
- Social Media Advertising
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See what we did

Read through the simple steps we followed, that helped My reach their goals.

The Idea

The main intent of My was to be recognised as the No 1 choice for anyone visiting the island of Corfu. To accomplish this, it was necessary that we increase brand awareness while also tripling the website’s users. The next major goal was to double the existant customer base and featured enterprises on the website, Thus, My expressed their trust on Adigital Hotel Marketing Agency, to fulfill their requests effectively.

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The Methodology

To tackle these goals, we firstly constructed awareness ads on social media channels. In this kind of framework we also created a custom sponsored video. Consecutively we set up lead ads to increase the potential clients. In this way we were able to achieve more effective and low cost results thanks to our previous brand awareness campaigns. Concurrently, we used google ads in order to establish My as the place where all of Corfu’s visitors could find what they were searching for regarding the island. That specific order of steps was followed in order to achieve the optimal outcome based on the strategy rallied.

Increased Organic Traffic
Increased Website Traffic
Increased Customer Base

The Results

The methodology followed resulted in establishing My as the top travel guide in Corfu. During our period of collaboration the percentage of total website traffic escalated to +379% while organic users increased to +387%. Finally, closed 4 times more customers that wanted to become a member of their customer base

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Customer Base

We managed a drastic increase by 400% in just 6 months

Website Traffic

We managed a drastic increase by 379% in just 6 months

Organic Traffic

We raised organic traffic by 387% in just 6 months

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