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best family cafes in athens

Best family cafes in Athens, Greece

Athens is unlike most other capitals of the world. While a historical destination where every corner speaks of stories from the past, it continues to amaze visitors with its modern meets traditional outlook. A popular holiday destination for historians, couples, and solo travelers, it is also an excellent place to discover with your family.

Among the many things to do in the city for families is relishing the local culinary offerings at one of the following family-friendly cafes in Athens.

Little Kook

Quirky to its very bone, Little Kook, in the Psiri neighborhood, is arguably the most viral family cafe in Athens. Thematic and so over-the-top, the eatery leaves everyone in awe with its decorations and a pretty spectacular menu.

Be it Halloween, Christmas, or Alice in Wonderland, the magic of Little Kook lies in the detail and the extent they go to create a whimsical environment brimming with unimaginable spots that act as perfect backgrounds for social-media-worthy photographs.

The food and drinks at Little Kook are equally vibrant, and there are plenty of choices for all palates. Among the standouts are the Humpty Dumpty Egg Shake – a cold drink with white chocolate in chocolate egg with whipped cream and the Big Butter Croissant that comes loaded with Greek feta cheese and pastrami.

If you would rather go for something more traditional, they have teas, coffee, shakes, wine, and classic desserts as well.

The Perivoli in Vari

When looking for an experiential gastronomic adventure, The Orchard in Vari is an excellent option. It requires an approximately 40-minute drive from central Athens, but the result is worth it. The farm-to-table cafe allows children above 11 only but is perfect for a family outing filled with learning and seasonal tastes.

At the farm, one can walk around and gain knowledge about various practices, including a worm farm, biodiversity pond, and growing seasonal crops. The same are then used with locally produced ingredients to prepare delicious meals for visitors.

Other activities at The Perivoli in Vari consist of honey tasting, olive oil tours, and the opportunity to enjoy organic wines. Features such as these add a boutique element to marketing a family-run hospitality business, thus helping with revenue and providing visitors with a unique experience.

The natural setting of the farm adds to the appeal of a relaxed brunch or dinner here. One can expect to eat a variety of comforting dishes, from roasted meat with potatoes and fresh salads to delicious omelets made with eggs from chickens on the farm.

Oliver Family House

With the word “family” bang in the middle of its name, it is evident that Oliver Family House in Glyfada deserves a place among the best family-friendly cafes in Athens.

The highlight of any time spent at Oliver Family House is its setup. Developed for a family to enjoy, different indoor and outdoor sections provide children ample space to play, draw and run around under watchful eyes while adults can have a quiet meal.

The menu at Oliver Family House covers it all, from coffees and smoothies to breakfast items, salads, beers, pizzas, mains, and desserts. The creations are basic and tasty but include hidden gems like bio-organic juice, pasta salad, and pizza rolls.

For kids, a separate menu comprises pancakes, mini cheeseburger, homemade chicken nuggets, and pasta with bio meatballs.

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is nothing short of an institution across the globe. In Athens, located in Monastiraki, offering views of the Acropolis, it is an easy place to visit when walking around the capital’s center.

An homage to the genius of music and musicians, memorabilia from artists like Gene Simmons, Megadeath, Wham, Fine Young Cannibals, and Lady Gaga adorn the walls of the cafe. The atrium in the middle, with a sliding rooftop, is exceptional, giving the place a courtyard feel.

However, what makes HRC one of the most family-friendly cafes in Athens is its Kids Sunday event. The memorable weekend affair from noon until 4 PM includes plenty to keep children occupied through handicrafts, special kids’ menus, and face painting.

The everyday menu at Hard Rock Cafe is extensive and features something for everyone. Carnivores will love the Original Legendary Burger, the Grilled Salmon Noodle Bowl, or the Smokehouse BBQ Combo. For vegetarians, there’s the Veggie Leggie burger, Three-Cheese & Roma Tomato Flatbread, and the Twisted Mac & Cheese.


If there is one cafe in Athens that can give Little Klook a run for its money in terms of quirky decor, it’s Fairytale. The self-proclaimed “most instagrammable place in Athens” is an amalgamation of bright colours, eccentric decor, and delicious bites that will momentarily transport you from the historic capital into a dream-like fairytale.

The family-friendly cafe is open in three locations, Psyrri, Nea Filadelphia, and Chalandri, allowing you to enjoy its many offerings as a convenience while exploring in and around the city.

Either way, the cafe’s facade stands out amongst neighboring buildings. At the same time, the interiors are accurate to the name, with extravagant floral decorations, shining lights, and a markedly feminine touch that brings about a certain elegance.

Kids will particularly love the menu that includes extravagant preparations with familiar names. For instance, the Hansel & Gretel milkshake combines vanilla and strawberry milkshake with whipped cream, marshmallows, and a lollipop. Try the Pink Magic Lychee Latte if you want something lavish and refreshing.

To eat, there’s Pinsa Barbeque with mozzarella, Parmesan flakes, and smoked bacon or the Bacon Mushroom Melt sandwich with crispy chicken fillet. And to end the meal, leave some space for their delightful cakes, like the Mud Pie or Lava Cake.

Bubble Tale

The decade-old “tea store” is a growing franchise that continues to allure young and old customers with its variety of colorful and healthy drinks. As the “first Greek bubble tea brand,” it holds a special place in the capital’s growing modern culinary ethos.

Green, black and sweet red tea are the popular choices, with the latter perfect for the young ones as it contains no caffeine. The concept includes mixing syrup with the tea and adding confectioneries that give each drink a distinct character.

The addition of milkshakes and cocktails to the menu results in over 300 available concoctions, ensuring a drink for all seasons. Moreover, Bubble Tale prepares special drinks for Halloween and Christmas and also has children-friendly snacks on the menu, such as cotton candy, pick ‘n’ mix, and popcorn.

There are 15 Bubble Tale stores in Greece and Cyprus, with a few in Athens. The interiors are vibrant and dream-like, creating a magical experience for the visitors. While you can make your own bubble tea, some pre-prepared must-haves include the Match’s Juggler, Tom Collins, Lady Cupcake, and the Berry Blast.

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