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Struggling to Get A Constant Flow of Direct Bookings?

Hotel Marketing Agency.

Increasing your Hotel's Revenue with Direct Bookings is what we do best

Less booking fees

Higher Revenue Per Room

Lower cancellation rate

Honestly Now, Are OTAs The Key
To Increase your Hotel’s Bookings

Booking, Expedia, and the rest of OTAs (ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCIES) have a monopoly on the hotel's promotion strategy,
on Metasearch channels & on your Hotel's Bookings.

Increase Your Direct Bookings Now


Why Not Just OTAs?

Let’s face it! Relying only on OTA’s and other intermediaries to fill your hotel is not the best choice...

Pay higher fees per booking (>18%)

Decrease your brand awareness

Higher cancellation rate

OTA’s own the customer

Why Not Just An Agency?

Hiring marketers without expertise in the hospitality industry, returns even worse results for your hotel

Trap in unfair competition with OTA’s marketers

Create ads based on a different industry strategy

Underutilize hospitality’s marketing channels, such as Metasearch

Hotel Social Media
increase direct bookings

How Much Is This Costing?

The result of your marketing investment so far

Overspend budget without successful results

Increase the dependency of OTA’s & tour operators

Expand rate disparity

Lack of trust in hotel’s advertisement potential

ADIGITAL is a Leading Hotel Marketing Agency who will upscale your hotel’s direct bookings and free your time to run your business.

hotel strategy
Step 1

Analyze the hotel’s current position and set up the appropriate Hotel Marketing Solutions

Analyze your digital presence (website & social media)

Optimize how your property appears in OTA’s and Metasearch websites

Learn your competitors

Set up the right strategy based on your needs

Step 2

Elevate your digital presence with our proven strategies

Adjust your website to market’s needs

Manage your social media accounts based on the latest travel trends

Combine your marketing strategy with OTA’s & Metasearch channels to maximize your profit

hotel google ads scaled
Metasearch Advertising
Step 3

Increase your direct bookings through personalized advertising

Create tailor-made ads based on marketing channel’s requirements

Take advantage of Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor Ads, Trivago Ads & skyrocket your direct bookings

Track the results every day and optimize them

Success Stories

Gesture 04


Of all the sectors in the economy, none is affected by digital trends as much as the hospitality industry. Without marketing, your potential customers will never know about your Hotel. This is why they have to SHOUT about your business and get the Hotel’s name out there. The more you let people know about you, the more people will start to remember you.

Social media networks can help you spread the word about your hotel. You can read our article “Tips To Increase Hotel Bookings Using Social Media’’ and learn how you can take full advantage of them.

Though both are essential marketing channels for each hotel :

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) is the practice of using paid advertising to rank higher on search engine result pages (Google Ads).


  • While SEM is used to rank high on search engine result pages like Google, hotel metasearch marketing uses metasearch engines such as Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor, or Trivago as an advertising channel to increase exposure, build awareness, and attract direct bookings.
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