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Why Does Your Hotel Need A Website?

Even in our technologically advanced world, many businesses fail to understand the importance of having a website. To think that an online presence does not have a significant impact, no matter your industry is a grave mistake no company can afford to make.

Statistics show that nearly 65% of the world’s population uses the internet daily, which accounts for over 5 billion people. Of these, hundreds of millions go online to make travel reservations, from airline and train tickets to booking excursions and accommodations. So, if someone were to ask why a hotel needs a website, the simple answer is that it is a requirement of the modern era.

Moreover, when it comes to hotel bookings, travelers now demand information at their fingertips. From a list of in-room amenities and visual media like property photographs to location tips and hotel features, they want it all.

Most importantly, tourists often search the internet for the best deals, wishing to visit a hotel’s website to compare prices and check for rate parity.

There are several other reasons why a hotel needs a website, some of which we discuss below.

However, the vital thing to remember is that not having an online presence reflects poorly on your hotel business. In an increasingly tech-forward world, any company without a website is considered old and outdated.  

Sharing Essential Information

A hotel without a website must rely on several external options to stir up its business. Word of mouth, advertisements, participating in trade fairs, brochures via snail mail, and building relationships with travel agents are some of the legacy promotional techniques that hotels once used to spread information about their properties.

In contrast, a hotel website provides prospective guests with much information about your hotel, 24×7, 365 days a year. Unlike your reservation office or customer service staff, a website does not have opening and operating hours.

Instead, it is an ever-present source you can use to share contact details, customer support numbers, driving instructions, location maps, and more.

Customer Support

Not having a website for your hotel typically means a limited customer base, either local or regional at best. In such a situation, it also is difficult to reach international guests and equally frustrating for them to contact you. Most customers, for example, will not make an international phone call to reserve a room.

Thus, a website instantly expands your reach, making people around the world aware of your hotel and allowing them to book directly through the platform. This saves time, costs, and effort on both sides.

Additionally, a website takes the pressure off customer support by automizing query answers that customers can access anytime. Features such as chatbots and FAQs can handle general inquiries that lead to quick resolutions without involving human interaction.

Direct Bookings

One of the most important reasons a hotel needs a website is the opportunity to increase sales and revenue via direct bookings. Often, small to mid-range accommodations rely solely on OTAs (Online Travel Agency) for reservations. While these might seem convenient, hotels miss out on increasing profits due to commission and listing charges.

When a hotel has its own website with a booking platform, the profit remains in-house. Moreover, if rate parity exists, travelers prefer to book directly with a property rather than through a third-party OTA.

Marketing Channel

With the help of a hotel digital agency, you can convert a website into one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal. Besides sharing data about your services, rooms, and facilities, a website showcases a visual representation of your property that can entice travelers to make an instant room reservation.

Moreover, by using white-hat SEO techniques such as page optimization, keyword usage, and backlink building, your hotel marketing agency can help the website rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). As a result, the website becomes a source of online organic traffic leading to direct sales.

At the same time, increasing local and international visibility on the internet helps cement your position as an industry leader and grows your brand value.        

Brand Creation

Up-and-coming small and medium-sized hotels, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, and the like sometimes overlook the need for brand creation. A name, logo, and attractive color schemes are all critical but useless unless people are aware of your presence.

A website entitles you to publicize your brand to millions of internet users. At the same time, it enables customers to relate your hotel’s name and logo with top-class service and amenities.

Brand creation becomes even more important if you have hotels in multiple locations. In this case, the website becomes a go-to point for reservations and support across the spectrum of your business.

Furthermore, a website helps build a connection with your guests. By sharing professional (room information, hotel features, room rates, customer support) and personal (staff interviews, blog posts, building history, collaborations with local businesses) information, you can start creating a bond with your guests much before they arrive at the property.

Provides Total Control

Lastly, your hotel needs a website because it gives you total control over how you want to showcase your hospitality business.

Through the website, one can highlight features unique to the property, update new additions and content instantly, market special on-site events, and offer discounts to increase direct bookings. 

In contrast, OTAs follow a cookie-cutter format of listing information that is non-personal and resembles every other hotel on their site. Moreover, updating the latest features or changes on OTAs is not as straightforward or quick as posting them on your hotel website.

Ultimately, it narrows down to not why a hotel needs a website. Instead, how you can work with a team to develop a website that can help boost your brand and online presence. 

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