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photos to post on hotel website

Types Of Photos To Post On Your Hotel Website

Visual media, whether used on your hotel website or social media channels, significantly influences your audience. An essential part of the overall user experience, photos and videos give guests a sense of the real deal while allowing you to showcase the hotel in the right light, no pun intended. Thus it is vital to focus on the types of photos to post on your hotel website. 

However, the art of using photos to boost sales and create a brand identity requires experience and digital marketing knowledge. For this, it is always advisable to use a leading hotel marketing agency, such as Adigital, to maximize your returns. 

Using photos for your hotel website

Here are some essential points to keep in mind that give you an idea of the thought and planning that goes into choosing the types of photos to put on your hotel website.

Use professional photos 

Usually, hiring a professional photographer to capture your property is a one-time investment that pays dividends in the long run. Not only do professional pictures stand out, but they help highlight every aspect of your hotel the way you want. 

Cover the entire property 

When planning different types of photos to post on your hotel website, work towards presenting a holistic viewpoint. This means your visual media should include everything and everyone from staff and food to individual decor elements, exterior, surroundings, and of course, the rooms. 

Incorporate your location 

Including photos of your city, town, and neighborhood is perfectly fine. It helps create the right ambiance while using the charms of your area to attract guests. 

Take multiple images 

When hiring a professional photographer, or taking photos on your own, click multiple pictures and from different angles. This way, you can use them on your hotel website, email marketing, and social media. 

Control the ownership of the photographs

As a business, it is imperative that you have total ownership of the photos on your website. As a result, you can then use the images wherever and how you like. If using a professional photographer, mention this in the contract. Furthermore, if taking pictures with people, whether models or guests, always take their written permission. 

Make it light and bright

Irrespective of the theme of your hotel, the types of photos to post on your website should be bright and clear. The idea behind visual media is to entice guests, which is possible only when the photographs are clicked in the right light. 

Invest in photo optimization

Lastly, having the best photos for your hotel website is useless unless you optimize them. Once again, your hotel marketing agency can assist you with this task which includes making the images mobile-friendly and of the right size so they load faster.

Moreover, professionals at Adigital can help with SEO, allowing your photos to show up at the top of image searches on search engines. Additionally, we can help correctly place photographs on your hotel website for maximum impact and SEO analyze which photos lead to a greater number of clicks and sales.

Types of photos to place on your hotel website

Now that we have discussed the basics, let’s cover the different types of photos you should have on your hotel website. 


Photos of your hotel’s exterior and facade give it an identity and assist with your establishment’s overall branding. Moreover, if you are “hidden” in a busy city neighborhood, outside images of your hotel help guests quickly locate your property. Aerial shots and street-level ones taken during the golden hour are the best for exterior photos. 


Images of your rooms are the most important photos to post on your hotel website. For such photographs, always present a clean and de-cluttered space. Open the curtains to let in light, include close-ups and wide-angle shots, and remove shadows. If taking photos of the bathroom, and you should, turn on the lights. 


When placing images on your hotel website, one shouldn’t limit themselves to just the rooms. Visual media is an excellent opportunity to share every element that makes your property stand out. So, include photographs of your pool, lounge, bar, terrace, courtyard, reception, and garden.


It is equally important to spotlight all your different on-site and off-site experiences. Using photos is a great way to subtly upsell these money-making activities and inform guests of extra things they can do during their stay. Experiences can range from weddings to local tours or cooking sessions. 


An on-site restaurant is a great way to increase your hotel’s revenue. If you have one, be it a small cafe or a fully-functioning eatery, add photos focusing on the restaurant’s atmosphere, location, decor, and food.


Although the rooms stay the same throughout the year, the exterior of your hotel undoubtedly changes with the seasons. Include seasonal photos when planning your hotel’s marketing strategy with an agency. After that, your website design team can replace the online images whenever required.

Artistic photographs

A few photographs of scenic sunsets, panoramic views, grand aerial shots, and the like further the charm of your property. They are a great addition to the list of images on any hotel website. 

With people

Beautiful images on your hotel website indeed lead to more direct bookings. But for a significant impact, include people in your photos. This allows future guests to relate to the hotel experience and lifestyle. Happy faces, couples, and families indulging in various activities at the property evoke a sense of want amongst prospective guests on the verge of making a reservation. 

How to increase bookings using photos on your hotel website?

Aesthetically taken photographs on your hotel website as well as on OTAs result in a higher number of bookings.  

However, there is still some work to do after choosing the various types of photos to post on your hotel website. 

  • Editing – Don’t be afraid to edit your photos a little bit. A professional photographer can help you with this.
  • Don’t be too arty – Showcasing the hotel’s vibe through visual media on the website is fantastic. However, limit being too artistic. The aim of having images is to present guests with the reality of the property. 
  • Add branding – Images on your website are another opportunity to boost your hotel’s brand. So, take photos that have the hotel’s name or logo. Examples include a close-up of the hotel’s insignia on the bedroom pillow, a neon sign outside, and the hotel initials of your restaurant’s napkins.
  • Call for action – Many owners overlook photos as a marketing initiative. They most certainly are, and your hotel marketing agency can include various calls to action around the photographs. 
  • Size – When placing images on your website, make them large. People don’t want to squint to see the details. If space constraints exist, add a feature where guests can click on the photo to zoom in. 

While in this article, we have exclusively spoken about the different types of photos to post on your hotel website, visual media is a much broader and evolving marketing option. 

So, even though photos are quintessential when planning your website with a hotel marketing agency, consider adding other media types like videos and 360° virtual tours to your hotel website. 

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