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How To Attract Business Travelers To Your Hotel min

How To Attract Business Travelers To Your Hotel

In the world of hospitality, business travelers are some of the hardest to please. So why do hotels bend over backwards for them?

For starters, according to the Global Business Travel Association, business travelers spent a whopping $1.4 trillion in 2019. Admittedly, this number reduced significantly in the following years.

However, even with the concept of work-from-home becoming prevalent, 2021 saw North American business travelers spend in excess of $690 million. This was an increase of 5.5% compared to the previous year, a sure-shot sign that corporate travel is on the rise again.

Additionally, business visitors are fiercely loyal and make excellent repeat customers. Once they like your property and service, they will most likely continue to patronize your establishment and brand. However, to entice globetrotting business persons and constantly impress prior clients, hotels must work on all fronts.

Therefore, from digital marketing to personalized in-house services, here are five ways to attract business travelers to your hotel.

A Dynamic Website

Building a dynamic, fast-loading website should be at the core of your marketing plan. Best created by professionals, a hotel website geared towards attracting business travelers to your accommodation should include a few fundamental elements.

Since location is paramount, highlight your hotel’s distance from the airport, train station, convention center, and other popular industry establishments in the city. Furthermore, company travelers often don’t have time to go through excessive information. So, keep the website’s layout simple and to the point.

More importantly, your website’s reservation platform should make it easy for the client to book a room. Equally essential is the mobile-friendliness of your website. Remember, most business tourists are often on the move and make bookings via smartphones.

Corporate Deals & Loyalty Points

Across many organizations nowadays, employees have a fixed travel and accommodation budget wherein they themselves can choose a hotel to stay in. As a result, both corporate deals and loyalty points play a significant part in how to attract business travelers to your hotel.

Like any repeat traveler, business customers staying at your hotel expect special treatment. This begins at the time they book a room. Corporate rates not only help entice customers with lower prices but are a way to acknowledge the importance of business travelers.

Loyalty points, in contrast, work on different levels. Internally, they are an excellent data source. By having corporate travelers join your program, you have in-depth information about their tastes. This knowledge is ideal for presenting guests with offers they are bound to select in the future.

Simultaneously, becoming a member of your loyalty program encourages corporates to re-book your hotel. Free stays, complimentary diners, or a round of golf at a nearby course are some benefits you can use to retain your guests.

Traveler-Centric Facilities

Unlike a tourist who may have all the time in the world, corporates forever expect seamless travel experiences. To attract business travelers to your hotel, you need well-defined services catering to this specific customer base.

Some essential services that business tourists appreciate include free pick-up and drop to the airport, shuttle transfer to a nearby convention center, and an early breakfast. Free WiFi is an absolute must.

Additionally, quick contactless check-in, a designated concierge, and a hotel mobile app with necessary information are features that highly impress corporates.

Moreover, keeping in mind the health-conscious business traveler, it’s vital to offer facilities such as a gym, a healthy food menu, 24-hour room service, and possibly a spa.

Smaller hotels that do not have access to the above can always team up with local organizations, such as health centers, for a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Online marketing is the number one strategy to attract business travelers. With the world living on the net, your hotel needs to make its presence felt across all possible channels.

Working alongside your digital marketing team, devise a plan that includes influencer and conventional advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. At the same time, you must have active profiles on popular sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media marketing should highlight different aspects of your property. Visual cues work best in this medium, whether promoting a special deal or sharing information about your rooms.

Furthermore, remember to work on a CTA (call to action) that quickly leads from your social media handle to your online booking platform. At the same time, it is compulsory to work on the SEO of your website.

You can increase your online visibility on Google and local searches by sharing reliable and relevant content, link-building, improving page experience, and claiming your business listing. 

Personalized Services

Everyone likes to feel special, and corporates are no different. Moreover, they are creatures of habit and seldom divert from their preferences. Thus, one of the best practices to cement repeat business from business travelers is to provide personalized service.

Suppose a prominent corporate client likes a particular bottle of wine. So, the next time they book a stay, have a bottle pre-placed in their room. Another example can be offering a free upgrade to a customer who might be starting to stay more often at your hotel.

The bottom line is, you should know your consumers and their rituals. Then, you can use a database of their preferences to provide specialized services that make them feel welcomed and appreciated.

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