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Hotel Digital marketing to implement

Hotel Digital Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Immediately

First-time and smaller hotel owners often dread the idea of digital marketing. The truth, whether you like it or not, is that online marketing of your hotel is now a necessity for any hospitality business to succeed.

The fact of the matter is that digital marketing is a diverse medium with various components. In the long run, working alongside a professional hotel marketing agency that can take care of all your promotional and advertising needs is always advisable, leaving you to focus on running the hotel.

However, until you find the right hotel marketing partner, there is no need to hold back on digital marketing. There are an array of straightforward marketing ideas you can implement immediately that require basic understanding and minimal involvement.

Go social

The most basic marketing technique to implement nowadays is being active on social media, besides having a working hotel website.

Creating accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Threads, Facebook, and YouTube is an easy process that requires only a few minutes each. Following this, it is up to you to keep them active.

Although many individuals and businesses focus on professional photos for social media, one can also use these mediums to create a relationship with prospective customers.

In addition to using social media to answer guest queries, you can generate a buzz about your hotel by doing the following;

  • Showcase the hotel as you see it. Many travelers are fascinated with a behind-the-scenes look into the workings of a hotel. Since not many properties do that, you can capture the audience’s attention this way.
  • Creating photos and reels does not take much time. You may even get a tech-savvy employee to do this part-time. The most important aspect is that you remain consistent, as social media algorithms favor members who post regularly.
  • If you want to use social media to increase direct bookings, generating paid/sponsored advertisements on these channels is an uncomplicated affair. Furthermore, apps like Canva help you quickly design professional-looking slides.
  • To create a link between the audience and the hotel, keep abreast of social trends and participate in them. These can range from the staff dancing to a trending song, teaching the local language, or shining a spotlight on the people who work in the hotel.

Run a PPC campaign

Running a profitable Google Ads or pay-per-click campaign for a hotel calls for marketing knowledge as well as information about the ups and downs of the hospitality business.

Still, you can indulge in a basic campaign on your own to temporarily increase your online reach. At a later stage, your hotel marketing agency, such as Adigital, can take over this initial step and work towards more in-depth curation.

The advantage of a pay-per-click campaign is that you can structure it according to your audience, particularly keeping location in mind. Moreover, the ROI on such campaigns is over 150%, and they can be modulated as per your budget.

The endgame, though, is not to rely entirely on Google Ads but to focus on generating organic traffic for your website using SEO.

Invest time in email marketing

Email marketing is a brilliant hotel marketing technique you can implement without spending too much money. Admittedly, it requires an investment of time.

At a fundamental level, you need only guest emails to put an email marketing plan in action. Once you have that, you can periodically email prior guests with information and offers to attract them back.

A personal email strengthens the relationship you have with your customers. It further helps keep your brand in the mind of the guests.

Remember, email marketing typically aims at prior customers who already know about your property and have experienced it. So, enticing them again with promos and freebies is relatively more straightforward.

Be responsive

A digital marketing idea you should implement immediately is getting online feedback and reviews.

Positive feedback on websites like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor helps your hotel rank above your competitors in listings, leading to more inquiries and bookings.

To get positive reviews, one needs to provide immaculate service but also follow up on guests and request them to post their reviews.

You can do this on-site, through cards in the rooms, or via email marketing after their departure.

Moreover, along with getting feedback, it is equally important to respond to it, whether it is a positive or negative review. This shows that you care about your customers and the business.

Learn basic SEO

Managing SEO for your website is arguably more complicated and is best left to a hotel marketing agency. Nevertheless, you can set in motion the process by doing the following;

  • List your hotel on Google My Business so it shows on Google and Google Maps.
  • Learn the basics about keywords and include them sporadically across your website.
  • Update your website regularly. You can hire a freelance writer and assign them blogs for your website to help you rank higher on search engine page results.

Partner with locals

The phrase “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” holds true not only in our personal lives but also in the hospitality industry.

Thus, one marketing idea that can be digital or real and that you can implement immediately is partnering with local businesses.

At a fundamental level, it includes promoting a friendly neighboring business through your hotel or hotel website, and they do the same for you.

Some of the most common businesses that a hotel can partner with include nearby cafes, gyms, tour companies, and spas.

Think out of the box

Besides the above-mentioned digital marketing plans you can implement immediately, thinking out of the box and developing new ideas is always good.

For example, you can create a Spotify list that captures the vibe and ambiance of your hotel. Otherwise, make a self-guided tour of your area with insider information and share it on your website.

Lastly, another excellent technique to put your hotel on the map is inviting travel bloggers with a prominent social media presence and running an influencer campaign to increase your online reach.

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