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Social Media Management

Every hotel has a story to share. It’s time to make that story shareable. We build relationships with potential guests on social media through engaging content.

Our Process

At Adigital we manage your Facebook & Instagram accounts, creating powerful content and interacting with your targeted online audience in the optimal way.

Identify your goals

Most hotels have a social media presence, but many haven’t defined their key goals. We set concrete benchmarks in order to measure our progress.

Social Media Content Strategy

Content is the crux of any social media strategy. Without content, you can't engage with your audience, promote your amenities, or measure performance

Set your posting schedule

We plan your whole content calendar on every network based on your past engagement rate, impressions or link click data

Choose the best platforms for your audience

Select the platform that best suits to your industry based on budget, user's behavior and demographics

Measure Success

Review the performance of all your posts on every network.

Adapt, learn and grow

The social media landscape is always evolving and new trends and in order to grow, your brand needs to adapt.


YouTube's reach international user bases allow hotels a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience.


Run promos, engage with users to understand their reason for travel to increase hotel profits.


Build relationships with clients and influencers in the hospitality sector.

Tik Tok

Show a unique selling point or a special room of the hotel & have high chances of getting picked up by TikTok users.


Promote events and exclusive offers that increase occupancy and boost revenue.

Social Media

Travelers use social media for inspiration while planning getaways and sharing posts, reviews, comments, and suggestions during and after their vacations.

Social Media experts

Hotels today do not just need to post regularly but also interact with what their guests post online. Start your social media strategy with solutions that combine travel inspiration with your hotel's compelling content.

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Looking for collaboration?

Palaias Kavalas 65, Athens

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